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NOLA Art Benefit still looking for artist,bands ect

I'm X posting this a few places.
Artists Unite To Help New Orleans a project formed by Alicia that growing more and more... artists and musicians from all over are contributing work and bands to raise money, etc etc
They are still looking for more artist,bands ect to donate time or services.
They are especially in need of a accountant,they have to send résumé... they CAN accept college students, as long as they already have a bachelors, or degree of sorts.
They also need someone to make a website as well as servers.
It should be a fairly large event,so you would get some pretty decent publicity for donating your time and services.
If you'd like to help out contact Alicia and also more info can be found at the myspace group
or the
Artists Unite To Help New Orleans LIVE JOURNAL
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